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If you’re an artist, getting your work heard worldwide and your projects done just became a lot simpler. If you’re a music executive, finding the next big star is as easy as playing with your phone. For the fan, there’s never been a more effortless way to stay connected with your favorite bands. Whether you’re an artist, an industry insider, or just a casual fan of music, the Muzique app is the best instrument for you!

Muzique’s Unique Music Network will help your band get the publicity it’s been missing by building an artist profile, including a full bio, photos, videos, music, contact info, and future events. Artists can connect with the right music professionals and businesses to ensure their next project or concert is a logistical breeze. Search any profession from A to Z. It’s the one stop shop to connect with your fans, as well as to get your music heard by the right people to enhance your career. With Muzique, you can increase your plays, and likes, and even sell your music!

The Buzz feature is a tool for everyone who loves music. Artists can keep their fans in the loop on new music and upcoming shows. Professionals and businesses can keep artists up to date on their latest promotions and services. Receive real-time push notifications from within your network. You can keep up on how many people are listening to your music and receive feedback from listeners with comments that include demographic info. Keep up with the latest industry news with live rss feed.

Fans will never miss a concert again, with the Events Feature adding shows directly to their iPhone calendar! Discover new artists and bands in your area by using the location feature in the search tool. Find your new favorite artist or band across the world by searching your favorite genre.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or just starting your own record label, Muzique is the newest and best way to build your clientele and expand your business! Have a venue or a recording studio? Are you a producer or DJ? Build a Music Pro profile and advertise your business or professional services to the right crowd. Get searched via name, profession, and location. Promoters can use the Unique Music Network to pack the club with people from your area.

Artists, music professionals/businesses, industry insiders, and fans all agree, the Muzique app is not just a one hit wonder!