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This tutorial will guide you through Setting up your Artist/Band Profile and show you  how to use the promotional tools in the app.

Step 1: Sign up as an Artist, Accept Terms and Conditions, and Login to your Muzique Artist account.

Loginphoto(1)photo (2)











Step 2: Click Top Left Menu Button above News Button, Click My Profile, and click Profile Edit on top right.

photo (3)photo (5)photo(3)











Step 3: Fill in all information that pertains to you, Pick  Genre and Sub Genres to be searched by, click on photo to add a profile photo, then scroll to bottom and MAKE SURE YOU CLICK UPDATE.

photo(4)photo(7)Muique Photo










Muzique Profile

Music Genres











Step 4: Now upload  your music. Click Upload Songs Button right underneath Profile Edit Button, select songs from your music folder.

Muzique Songsphoto(9)











Step 5: Now Create a Buzz for the network to see! Click Buzz, then click Create Buzz create one then submit.  (Keep your fans and the network up to date on your latest projects, releases, news, and promotions!) Now Check out your buzz in the news section on the app. You can also delete a Buzz by swiping left on the specific Buzz.

Muzique Songsphoto(10)photo(11)






















Step 6: Add Events which fans can add right to their iPhone Calendar. Click Add Events button underneath Upload Songs.

Muzique EventsMuzique Events












Final Step: Add Videos by Youtube URL: Click videos ,then paste url, hit upload, and fill in title. You can also delete videos with the swipe option:

Muzique Videosurl Muzique VideoMuzique video youtube










Congratulations and thank you for joining The Unique Music Network! You now have a complete Artist Profile. Continue to upload music, videos, Create new Buzz’s, Add Events, Check comments with demographical info, reply, and watch your likes, listens, plays, and Fans increase! Use the menu button to search music, and music professions to network and collaborate with the industry, Enjoy!

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