We would like to welcome Rack’Ems Billiards to the in-app community of searchable venues! Rack’Ems is the Premier Venue¬†that caters to independent artists of any genre! If you need or want publicity this i the place to perform! It is well known by “heads” in the industry as the go-to venue to discover new artists…hint hint! So if you are serious about your future as an artist/band please do your team a favor and Check them out!!


At Rack’Ems They boast 2 Bars, outside and in. Also, a beautiful setup, staging, and plenty of room for your fans and future fans/followers to come see you tear the stage up. Along with plenty of top notch pool tables,darts, etc. to keep patrons busy, and I cant forget to mention the staff is bar none very friendly, just be cool!

Rack’Ems Billiards is located in Cape Coral, FL and is full of booked acts so be sure to get your band or artist a spot on stage as soon as possible!!!

Be sure to check out more info including, location,ph:#, lineups, and weekly specials on their website below! Salute!!!

Rack’Ems Billiards is SWFL’s Premier Live Indy/Original Concert Venue, and Home to Original Music

Website: rackemcapecoral.com/billiards.html

Please list your venue to day on Muziqueapp Its free and a great place to promote your business. Go to the website below for more info and God Bless!


Direct DL to iOS Device here: http://bit.ly//Pc7u1U

^^^Calling All Artists/Fans/And Industry Professionals, Build an account today!!^^^


Rack’Ems Billiards Is SWFL’s Premier Venue To Catch Indy/Original Music Find Them On Muziqueapp !!!



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