Muzique Added Updates

Hi everyone, We have updated the push notification’s feature on the app and fixed the bug.
      Step 1:Signup as a Music Professional, Pick your Profession(s), Login               Step 2: Click Menus button Top Left,Click My Profile, Click Profile Edit Top Right.               Step 3: Fill In info that pertains to you, Info field is about your biz or mission statement, Click...
      This tutorial will guide you through Setting up your Artist/Band Profile and show you  how to use the promotional tools in the app. Step 1: Sign up as an Artist, Accept Terms and Conditions, and Login to your Muzique Artist account.                     Step 2: Click Top Left Menu...
Muzique is Live and is now available on the App Store!  

Muzique is almost here!

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF MUSIC NETWORKING We are incredibly excited about the future of our application and community!
It’s finally come and we are pleased to present you our brand new web presence to accompany our revolutionary new application! There’s lots of feature being added daily so check back soon for more, in the meantime DOWNLOAD OUR APP!